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Case Study #3:

Chronic disorder - childhood digestive and back issues


Cyndi T., was a 39 year old Caucasian female who suffered from severe digestive problems and back pain. She reported that she “literally hasn’t been able to eat her entire adult life”. Many foods (such as meat, baked goods, sweets, etc...) in the slightest amount (just one bite) could cause severe repercussions. She survived on energy drinks because they minimized the acid, burny, bloated feeling she felt when she tried to eat anything of substance. Additionally, having suffered from a severe car accident as a teenager, she had chronic back pain that was exaggerated on the right side of her body.


Despite her chronic issues, Cyndi was a healthy vibrant individual who was extremely athletic and busy. She also was an advocate of alternative medicine and had tried many forms of healing that included Acupuncture, Rolfing, Chiropractic to name a few. At our first meeting, Cyndi was driven to resolve both of these chronic matters and was interested in committing to whatever number of treatments necessary. Based on her condition, I recommended fifteen treatments which she decided to complete by having 2-3 sessions over a five week period.


For Cyndi, the next five weeks would be filled with great challenges, some discomfort and extraordinary changes. While her first week began with new aches and pain in her back, she also noticed some areas of increased flexibility. By our second week, her digestive issues were beginning to resolve, so I suggested that she expand her menu. She experienced great anxiety in following this recommendation, but reluctantly added a muffin to her breakfast one morning. Despite her initial misgivings, she reported she had no side-effects to the new addition to her diet. In fact, she continued to add a muffin to her morning routine for the rest of the week. Additionally, during this time, her back continued to experience both discomfort and new found strength and mobility as it began to fall back into correct alignment.


The remaining three weeks  of Cyndi’s treatments went similarly to the second. As her digestive issues resolved, she was able to expand her diet to include more and more foods. By the end of the 5th week, Cyndi could eat whatever she wanted even once forbidden categories such as  “spicy” or “sweet” foods. Additionally, her back continued to experience some discomfort in different areas, while also increasing in strength and flexibility. By the end of her series, Cyndi reported that her back felt like a “completely” different back, stronger in a completely different way, more flexible, and painless.


As a result of her series, Cyndi also experienced an unexpected benefit.  She found as she resolved these chronic issues, she also was able to see herself in a whole new light and was able to pursue goals and dreams that had once been put aside.


Follow-up note:  One year after her series, Cyndi contacted me and informed me that she could still eat anything she wanted and that she had just completed a certification program in the field of her childhood dreams.