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E n e r g y   M e d i c i n e


Energy Medicine... 


practiced by the Golden Wind is based on the anicient

art of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. While acupuncture uses needless as tools to help balance an individuals energy, The Golden Wind uses vibrational healing (a combination of sound and energy). By using vibration, an individual can attain balance at a core - “cellular” level.  As a result, issues are often resolved at a foundational level, thus achieving positive, lasting results for many disorders otherwise unresolved by other systems.


The following are some of the disorders which have benefited from vibrational healing:


-Mold exposure  (Case study #1 )

-Multiple chemical sensitivities -

 MCS and Environmental illness (Case study #1)

-Auto-immune disorders:

- Multiple Sclerosis (Case study #2)

- Adrenal and kidney disorders

- Muscular skeletal disorders

- Chronic disorders (Case study #3)

- Traumatic and muscular injuries (Case study #4)

- Vaccination and other drug related disorders (Case study #5)

- Post-surgical complications

- Neurological disorders