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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and credit cards.


2. How long do they last?

Because the first sessions includes a consultation and the first treatment, it usually lasts 50-60 minutes.

The remaining treatments lasts 20-30 minutes.


3. How many treatments are needed?

Because the number of treatments is as individual as the person in need, it varies greatly on the reason and condition of the person seeking help. As a result, there is no way of answering this question in a general format.

However, upon a consultation, an initial number of treatments is discussed along with the treatment process.


4. Are the treatments painful?

No. Because the treatments rely completely on energy, (no needles or equipment involved), most patients report the sessions to be extremely restful.


5. Can vibrational healing help me?

While there is no guarantee for any type of healing process, vibrational healing has been extremely effective in many conditions. Because it works on a “cellular” level, it has been able to improve symptoms related to conditions many consider as incurable. For detail examples, please refer to the Case Study section of this site.


6. Do you treat children?