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Linda's Journey...


In her own words:

As a student of Oriental Medicine, I took my education very seriously. It was my intention to learn as much as I could, not for academic reasons; but rather because I knew someday, someone would be depending on me for my help .  Little did I know then, that the someone, would be the two people I hold the dearest.


In January 2007, someday came shortly after my family  purchased a home in Vancouver, WA.  Our new home turned out to be filled with toxic levels of mold which forced us to evacuate. Upon leaving, both my husband and son initially exhibited lasting repercussions from their exposure. My husband developed a nervous system disorder that affected his ability to speak and severe short term memory loss. My son (8 months-old) developed a breathing disorder, significant temperament and sleeping changes.



While some victims of toxic mold exposure recover upon leaving the area of contamination, it was not true for my family. After desperately looking for help (from Western and alternative systems) and discovering there is no known cure for this condition, I decided to take my family on as patients and was committed to bring them back to health.


It has now been over 12 years since this event has occurred, and I am happy to report that my family is doing well and is fully-recovered. And while at the time this was a very difficult situation to endure, this experience significantly has shaped who I am today. Because of it, I personally know the power of empathy and have been driven to take my skills to a whole new level. Vibrational healing is the birth-child of this experience which forced me to go beyond “textbooks” and “formal training” and discover the miraculous potential in energy healing.