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Case Study #1:

Mold exposure, MCS and EI (Multiple chemical sensitivities and Environmental illness)


Sara J., a 52 year-old Caucasian female, suffered from mold exposure, MCS and EI. At the time of our first meeting, it had been over ten months since the exposure that “tipped” her over had occurred. And although she had been away from the area of exposure for over six months, had given up her personal vehicle and most of her personal belongings (due to contamination), and had seen several Mold and Environmental specialists (M.D.’s) and numerous alternative healers, she was still very ill. Despite her best efforts to seek help and her unquestionable commitment to recover, she was suffering from a wide variety of symptoms: impaired mental functions and clarity, a “scorched, burny throat”, headaches, fatigue, extreme sensitivity to any type of scent or fragrance, dizziness, disturbed sleep, and emotional distress.


To complicate her healing process, she was homeless and having to live from hotel to hotel room. As a result, she did not have a “safe” environment to recover and was constantly having to expose herself to new environments that caused her symptoms to increase.


Upon evaluating her current condition, I recommended five treatments as a beginning marker for her to see the benefits of vibrational healing. It would be at this point, she could determine if she wanted to continue with the process and a more in-depth treatment plan could be discussed.


Sara agreed to the first treatment. Within four hours of this appointment, she contacted me and reported that she had already noticed a difference. She stated two significant improvements: 1. a certain area in the hotel she was staying in did not make her sick for the first time since her stay, and 2. that she felt a certain “something” (a part of herself) that was missing return. At this time, she committed to two appointments a week for the next two weeks to complete the initial series discussed.


Upon completing the first series, Sara reported feeling an overall improvement in her symptoms. While all her symptoms still flared (especially upon exposures to new environments), she felt that the severity of the symptoms were beginning to improve. At this point, we discussed a long term treatment plan. I recommended fifteen more treatments to complete the series dedicated to resolving the effects of her mold exposure (her primary goal). With her usual dedication to recovery, she committed to three treatments a week for the next five weeks.


Upon the course of Sara’s remaining treatments, she continued to look for permanent housing and transportation. As a result, she endured more exposures than the usual client. However, throughout the series, she continued to notice gradual improvements in her overall health. By the final treatment, she reported that some issues such as mental clarity had been completely resolved. And while some symptoms remained (primarily “scorched, burny” throat and dizziness which flared upon exposures to certain environments), were no longer daily occurrences and were far less severe. She also felt that when these symptoms reappeared, she was able to recover within minutes to hours (instead of days) upon occurrence. She also reported that despite the “flare-ups”, she felt overall healthier and stronger than she had for years.