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Case Study #2: 

Multiple Sclerosis


Bob D, a mid-50’s Caucasian male, was diagnosed with MS. He had been battling the disease for over 20 years. At the time of our first meeting, he appeared very frail and was exhibiting some paralysis on one side of his body causing him to slur his words and walk with a stiff gait. Additionally, he seemed to be suffering some short-term memory problems having to repeat the same statements in a short period of time.


As a MD himself, he was well versed on all available treatments and was currently on Western medication (disease modifying drugs - DMDs). While these drugs initially improved his symptoms, in recent years, his MS had continued to progress causing his symptoms to become more severe.


In addition to his knowledge of Western medicine, Bob was extremely well informed on many forms of alternative systems. Having taught at a respected Acupuncture college and having tried as he says “every treatment” possible, on the onset he was doubtful that vibrational healing could be of any benefit to him.


However, despite his skepticism, he decided to undergo one treatment. After his first treatment, he reported (with some surprise), that he has noticed some slight improvements. The two areas of change he mentioned were: 1. an improvement in an ability to communicate, and 2. some increased mobility. As a result, he decided to make another appointment.


After two more treatments, each one week apart, Bob decided that he felt enough “possible improvements” to make a standing weekly appointment which he did in monthly intervals. He continued treatments for six months, receiving a total of 26 treatments in all. In this time, he gradually made significant improvements in mental functions, mobility, and energy. Additionally, by the third month it was obvious to all that knew him, that his paralysis was greatly improving. By the end of the fourth month, all traces of his slurred words and limp had disappeared. In the first part of the fifth month, he received results from his neurologist that his MS had improved and he was now in remission. Bob continued treatments for several more weeks.


Follow-up note:  I had the opportunity to talk to Bob several times after our work together. The last being six months after our last treatment. At that time, Bob reported he was feeling well and that all of his symptoms had decreased or stabilized.